Welcome to the Armory Supplies Questions and Answers section. If you do not find hte answer you are looking for here please feel free to contact us.

What if I can not find an item or it is listed as out of stock?

If an item is listed as "out of stock" you can select the Add To Cart button and a special form will come up that will allow you to place your name on an instant notice list once your item arrives. Because of the limited availabilty and seasonal runs on various products some items may not become available or if/when they do be subject to limited quantities. When Armory Supplies places an order for out of stock items and the notice is sent to those on the instant notice list then items are on a first come first serve basis.


What is Armory Supplies shipping policy?

All items are shipped through UPS. When a purchase is made shipping is at the same cost as UPS. Unlike othe ronline stores that use bait and swith with low prices then make it up in the shipping at Armory Supplies we believe in honesty and transparency. We do not play a shell game between produucts and shipping and always work to provide our visitors with a good selection, fair price and honest service.


What is Armory Supplies return policy?

Armory Supplies will accept returns of any unopened products other than guns and ammunition within 14 days of original purchase. All gun and ammunition sales are final. If a gun or ammunition product is defective we will be happy to work with you to return that product to the manufacturer for repair or replacement as needed.


Am I affected by shipping restrictions?

In many cases items on Armory Suplies do face shipping restrictions. While many items do have shipping restrictions and special handling instructions most are still able to be shipped directly to your home.

In cases such as firearms and some accessories the federal government requires such items be shipped to and picked up from a licensed FFL dealer. At Armory Supplies we make this process as easy as possible by providing an expansive FFL listing with tens of thousands of dealers lsited. By searching through our FFL listing we are sure you can find an FFL near you who will also accept such transfers.


Can I track my order?

Yes. After your order has been confirmed on our side a follow-up email will be sent with proper tracking instructions.


Why set up an account on Armory Supplies?

While it is possible to purchase through Armory Supplies as a guest it is advised that you actually set up an account. Good reasons to set up an account are easy review of past purchases to make future purchases of similar items easier, access to invoices for easy record keeping, notices of specials and sales and access to special member only exclusive promotions.


How do I order a firearm online?

1. First check the legality of ownerhsip of the type of firearm or accessory you are interested in. Here is a great resource link:

2. Place order. During this time you will have the ability to choose an FFL dealer in your area for us to ship to.

3. Once your FFL has been verified on our side we will then ship the firearm to them.

4. Pick up firearm from FFL dealer. In most cases FFL's charge a nominal fee for such transfers to help offset their handling costs. Such fees usually range from $20-$40. While at the FFL dealer you will also be required to complete a background check to verify you are legal to own such items. 


Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you are located outside of Tennessee you will not have to pay sales tax. If you are located in TN but we do offer the ability to pick-up your item in Nashville at Nashville Gun & Knife FREE of the FFL transfer fee. In many cases this may be even greater than the sales tax would normally be otherwise.